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Emblems & Nameplates

Premium Emblem is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of custom nameplates, emblems, and accessories used by top manufacturers for branding, marketing, and product identification.  We offer one-stop sourcing of creative designs of your brand identity products and efficient, cost-effective manufacturing, supported by superior customer service. 

Our design team works with your product managers to create branding opportunities that integrate your brand identity with product design. We are experienced in working with products for a wide range of consumer and industrial products, specializing in products for the automotive, furniture, retail, display, consumer product, and equipment markets. We provide leading automotive manufacturers with custom emblems for automotive grilles and hoods, interior button emblems, and steering wheel trim and other branded products. Global furniture manufacturers use our molded handles and decorative trim for their products.

We Offer:

  • Creative design services for logos, promotional items, and brand identity products, including 2D and 3D logos
  • 3D printed prototyping and modeling
  • Quick-turn prototypes with special pricing
  • Consistent, high quality production to reflect your brand and enhance your product
  • Specialty products, including 3D logo badges, that project an upscale look for your branded products, allowing you to increase pricing.
  • Efficient manufacturing to minimize cost
  • Fast turnaround and deliveries ERM/MRP systems, providing Just In Time deliveries for your production line

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Plastic and metal chrome plating
  • Decorative plating
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal die casting
  • Metal embossing & etching
  • Laser and diamond cutting
  • Finishing services, including painting and 3D painting in custom colors and finish

Custom. Creative. Effective.

Our product line includes custom nameplates, emblems, grilles, displays, and accessories manufactured to the highest standards. We have the capabilities to produce products in a range of styles from simple to intricate and that can withstand high wear or rugged conditions, supported by creative, effective designs and superior customer service.  

Some of the products we manufacture are:

  • Nameplates
  • Emblems
  •  3D letter sets
  •  Grilles
  •  Door handles 
  • Handbag accessories
  • Promotional letter sets
  • Display and showcase letter sets
  • Retail emblems and letter sets
  • Decorative trim 

Custom Emblem Case Studies

Examples from Premium Emblem Customers - please click below for more details:

Southwest Airlines

New Design Company Emblem

3D prototyping for design flexibility in creating a chromed and painted injective logo with a beautiful finish.

Mercedes Benz

C250 Coupe Sport Badge

All of our finished products go through rigorous testing to determine durability and precision metrics.


Product Nameplates and Emblems

Die casting and chrome plating technology is used to meet the custom dimensions required for nameplate emblems.

What We Provide

Premium Emblem is a proud supplier of quality chrome products, emblems and nameplates to many, various industries.

Product Design

Expert help at design stage, with material and process selection

Excellent Support

Full communication throughout design, order and delivery process

Competitive Pricing

All products deliver value for money chrome plated design solutions

Quality Finishes

Select from the widest range of chrome effects

3D Prototyping

Valuable assistance with initial design visualizaton, changes and testing

Fast Delivery

Free international shipping for larger orders

Call Premium Emblem NOW for all your emblem and nameplate requirements