Choose Chrome for your Custom Car Emblems

Perfect for both interior and exterior environments, chrome custom car emblems provide a rich metal appearance, complete with highly polished edges. Electro-chrome plating ensures a precise finish that is highly durable under all conditions and will not tarnish or fade.

This great visual appeal, combining beauty with strength, makes chrome emblems the ideal choice for company and brand representations.

A wide range of options and finishes are available, to ensure your finished custom car emblem looks exactly as required. Choose from the classic shiny chrome look or a variety of finishes. Chrome emblems can also be painted, which yields a stunningly appealing colored finish that has true depth.


How we make our Chrome Emblems

PremiumEmblem uses several different manufacturing techniques to create our quality chrome emblems. The choice of method and specific materials used depend on your exact requirements. Important considerations include any weight or price specifications, the application environment and the shape of your emblem, i.e. whether it is flat, domed or has a 3D profile.

PremiumEmblem can even create a 3D prototype of your design, prior to production, so that you can see exactly how your chrome emblem will look. This may be important when designing a particularly sophisticated emblem or integrating a company brand or logo.

Chrome emblems can be built on metal or an injection molded stabilized plastic base, depending on the weight requirements. These bases can be domed, if the finished product demands high relief or deep recessing. Some designs may require a bezel for mounting, or to be made as flexible nameplate-style emblems.

The PremiumEmblem production team uses a state-of-the-art manufacturing process for quality control. All of our finished products are submitted to rigorous testing to determine durability and precision metrics.

We are able to produce chrome emblems that meet or exceed all OEM automotive and aftermarket standards and are compliant with DIN EN ISO9227-CASS requirements. The Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (CASS Test) is used to assure the corrosion resistance of coated products such as emblems and decals.

All PremiumEmblem custom car emblems come with automotive grade foam die cut adhesive, though specific attachment requirements can be discussed and accommodated to ensure the fast fixing and endurance of your finished product.

CASE STUDY - PremiumEmblem are proud to have designed and manufatured the new custom chrome emblem for Southwest Airlines.

Custom Chrome Emblem

Our final product was a beautiful chromed and painted injective logo with a customized finish for all weather conditions.

The New Southwest Airlines Design

Our collective heartbeat is stronger and healthier than ever, and that’s because of the warmth, the compassion, and the smiles of our people. The new chrome emblem heart emblazoned on our aircraft, and within our new look, symbolizes our commitment that we’ll remain true to our core values as we set our sights on the future.”
– Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Officer.

Dedicated Design Team

Because of the unique nature of this design, the weather conditions and durability it needs to sustain, we needed to create a unique flame-tested finish. The chroming process gives the chrome emblems a visually-appealing finish, all thanks to the Premium Emblem design team and engineers.

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